KINK Massage

Kink Massage... a fusion treatment experience customized for your individual needs

Abe Din

Abe combines the ancient healing of acupressure, with assisted yoga postures of Thai Massage. He practices the full body deep tissue holistic Balinese Massage treatment. The technique of relieving tension and stress targeting pressure points is incorporated in Philippine Massage. His Shiatsu Massage method involves manual pressure applied to specific points to relieve tension and pain.

50 minute massage $89 | 80 minute massage $129

Nancy Angello

Nancy has a thriving interest in helping people reach their health goals to create balance. Using a holistic approach to her work, Nancy fully attends each client's needs beautifully interweaving clear presence with practiced skill.

Whether you desire a deep tissue massage with stretching to work out long term injuries or trauma, to a more meditative and relaxing Swedish or therapeutic experience, Nancy will customize to your needs.

50 minute massage $89 | 80 minute massage $129